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Welcome to the Balboa High Class Of 1968 web site. 


4 December 2016


Response to our November posting was less than expected and hoped for. So we make this further appeal to all:

Take the time to write us at and let us know whether you plan to attend the 50th Reunion in Panama. See the posts immediately below this one for dates and estimated costs. As noted, you can choose “claro que si” (yes) or “quizas” (maybe) along with numbers in your party. If you cannot make the reunion, a heads up will also be appreciated and noted.

As difficult as it might be to forecast your plans so far ahead, it is vital that we get an early and accurate tally in order to confirm (or cancel) events and venues. Cost is of concern to all and may be a reason for some to delay in responding. Please do your best to complete your decision-making and make a commitment to joining us for the fun

And help us by reaching out to your closest Classmates and to those who may be unaware of this celebration. The Class maintains a roster of your classmates but has email addresses for only about a third of them. You can help! Spread the word!

We hope/expect to hear from you shortly.

50th Reunion Committee - Panama

9 November 2016


A truly engaging and adventurous PANAMA REUNION 2018 continues to take shape. We want you to have an update of the current schedule as well as some of the venues, details and events to assist in your planning and budgeting.




Country Inn & Suites


26 - 27 - 28 January

Cubita Resort


29 - 30 January

Bijao Resort

Bijao Beach

31 January - 1 February

Wyndham Hotel


2 - 3 - 4 - 5 February

Of critical importance to deciding upon this schedule is the associated expense. The table provided below includes room, board, local transportation and guides and some group activities; it does not include air travel or incidentals such as extra meals, liquor, special events, purchases, etc.






Hotel & meals






























Current Estimate





We are currently estimating a total cost of $2,000 to $2,250 per person for the Panama Reunion 2018, with the same exclusions as mentioned above.

For those who wish to reduce the expense of attending the Reunion, an option is to delay their arrival date or advance their exit date. Do bear in mind that those dates include multiple events, including our open-air dance party scheduled for Saturday, 3 February.

Note that these costs are still approximate, but we want each of you to use them as a guideline with which to make a firm commitment to attend. Know that we will strive to keep costs down as the arrangements evolve.

Room rates are based upon double occupancy. Additional charges will apply for extra room guests, suites or other special hotel facilities.

We will provide final hotel and resort rates and contact information in the near future, with the objective that each of you will contact and pay for your room(s) directly with the hotel / resort operator. A Group identification code will be provided to insure that you book and receive the special rates for the Reunion. Cut-off dates will be provided; it is imperative that you reserve prior to those dates. Reservations made after those dates may not be available or may not be eligible for the special rates. Each hotel / resort may require payment of a reservation fee to hold the room and rate. We will also advise you of further cut-off date(s) to receive a full refund.

Special tours and activities are still under evaluation and their costs are not yet confirmed in this estimate. Tours may include the Ron Abuelo distillery, a partial Canal transit, an Atlantic-side tour (Panama Railroad/Gatun Locks/Portobelo) and a walking tour of Casco Viejo. Special activities may include chiva parrandera, golf, fishing, and other favorites (pedicure/manicure/spa?).

Each of you is welcome to expand upon this schedule, either arriving at an earlier date or remaining after the 5th of February. Trina can assist you with special requests prior to or after the Reunion dates.​ The Chiriquí Highlands, the San Blas and Perlas Islands and other wonders of Panama are readily accessible and affordable.

We maintain a list of those who responded to our initial outreach; including those who indicated a firm desire to attend (Claro que si) and those who thought that they might attend (Quizás). Well, it's time to confirm those intentions so that we can make definitive reservations at the various locales and events. The Reunion email address is:

​Now you know what to include in your wish list to Santa for this coming Christmas (and the next)!

Saludos a todos,

50th Reunion Committee - Panama     




10 May 2016

’68 Bulldogs:

Your 50th Reunion in Panama is being organized by a small group of daring volunteers. State-siders include Paul Boostrom, Bob Hughes and Lee Grant. Locals include Brooke Alfaro, Maggie Cedeno, Nate Bassan and Mark Dillon. Kurt Fernandez (and Bob Rupp) will be coordinating the 69ers’ shows. The group may add other members adept at managing event details as plans are developed.

Our professional event organizer is Trina Clark, another Bulldog, and a wonderfully proficient advocate for visitors to Panama.

It’s best that you direct your responses, suggestions, inquiries, etc. to for ease of consolidation. At this stage of arrangements we are happy to consider your whims and wishes so do send them along for consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to messages, to spread the word, and to assist in the many arrangements that will be necessary.

All of your classmates look forward to seeing you at the Panama Reunion!

30 April 2016

Buenos dias, Bulldogs:

We are sending along a brief update on the initiative to gauge your interest in celebrating our 50th Class Reunion in Panama in early 2018.

Of the more than 50 responses to our initial survey, the current tally includes over 50 definite attendees (including companions), a dozen “maybes” and a single “no way”. Overwhelming support from those that responded (naturally).

The responses were largely from those returning to Panama for the festivities. We anticipate that number will increase and we expect a similar number of “locals” to sign up as well.

We urge those who have not yet responded to do so (our email address is And please do indicate how many might accompany you if you’re inclined to join us. We won’t hold your hand to the fire.

Refer to our original post below for those that may be seeing this initiative for the first time and/or need a reminder of the event outline.

And do send this invitation on to other classmates; we hope to spread the net wide and capture the attention of wayward classmates.

Saludos a todos desde Panama!

ǃFeliz Año Nuevo a Todos los Bulldogs!

Several classmates in Panama and the U.S. are discussing the possibility of celebrating our 50th class reunion in Panama. The working time frame is late January - early February 2018 (26 - 27 January to 4 - 5 February).

With this initial notice we wish to gauge numbers and level of interest of our classmates – ranging from “Claro que sí” (yes, of course) to “Quizás” (maybe/perhaps) to “No way, José”. Whether you reside overseas or in Panama, give us a clue!

At current rates, trips originating from the lower U.S. would total approx. $2,000 per person, including air fare, lodgings, transport, and some of the key events. Additional costs would be associated with special events, side trips, shopping, some meals, and etc. Locals will expected to pay-as-you-go.

Venues might include Panama City, a Pacific beach resort, Gamboa, and El Valle. Maybe squeeze in a ride on the Train, fish Gatun Lake, slide down Admin Hill, swim/surf at Rio Mar, play softball at Summit Gardens, down cold Panamas at BYC, eat our fill at the Napoli, walk the Causeway, watch the sun rise over the Pacific and other tropical delights best left to your imagination. Who knows; there may even be a new set of Canal locks to visit?! Sorry, we can’t promise the Squirt or the Monster Room, the Cocoli River bridge, the Slide, the Tivoli, Contractors Hill, Gloria’s, the Observatory, the Clubhouse and myriad memorials now gone.

By a lucky twist of fortune, we will enjoy a blue moon on the 31st of January (Wednesday). All the better to party with the Trolling 69ers, our headline party attraction!

Reply to indicating level of interest and possible number in party. Bear in mind that this reunion is adult-themed and there are currently no provisions for under-age care or activities. If we move forward, a social media site (e.g. Facebook) will be created to share information and encourage participation.

And you thought it was tough sliding into 2016, try jumping back to the future! This is gonna be FUN.

P.S. No doubt the Class will throw a similar bash at the Panama Canal Reunion in Orlando in July 2018. Some may wish to attend both parties and others may choose only one. But we do hope that each of you will join the celebration(s) of your 50th as best suits your circumstances.


Panama Canal Expansion Program Update – July 2015 (4 minute VIDEO)
A well done explanation of the Canal expansion. Forwarded by Peggy Hale Huff. Enjoy!

Balboa High School Class of 1968

If you moved away and/or finished at another school but would have been in the BHS Class of 68, you are WELCOME here!  Just "CONTACT US" (on left side bar) and request that we add your name (if it isn't already on the classmates list) so you can join us.  If you are in touch with classmates who have not joined our website, please ask them to join!  We have e-mail addresses for less than one fourth of our class so many classmates may not even be aware that we have the website.

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MEMBERSHIP DISCLAIMER: This is a private site for our Class only. Classmates that did not graduate with the class, or that graduated from other years may be admitted on a case by case basis. All membership, regardless of graduating year, will be granted or denied, at the discretion of the site administrators. All memberships may be revoked at the discretion of the site administrators. The privacy and security of all registered members will be considered a priority for the purpose of invitations, admittance, denials and revocations.