30 April 2016 Update

30 April 2016


Buenos dias, Bulldogs:


We are sending along a brief update on the initiative to gauge your interest in celebrating our 50th Class Reunion in Panama in early 2018.


Of the more than 50 responses to our initial survey, the current tally includes over 50 definite attendees (including companions), a dozen "maybes" and a single "no way".  Overwhelming support from those that responded (naturally).


The responses were largely from those returning to Panama for the festivities.  We anticipate that number will increase and we expect a similar number of "locals" to sign up as well.


We urge those who have not yet responded to do so (our email address for the 50th Reunion in Panama) is 1968bulldgos@gmail.com and please do indicate how many might accompany you if you're included to join us.  We won't hold your hand to the fire.


Refer to our original post on the class website, www.balboaclassof1968, for those that may be seeing this initiative for the first time and/or need a reminder of the event outline.


Please send this invitation to other classmates; we hope to spread the net wide and capture the attention of wayward classmates.


Saludos a todos desde Panama!

Classmates in Panama Steering Committee