4 December 2016 Update

4 December 2016


Response to our November posting was less than expected and hoped for.  So we make this further appeal to all:

Take the time to write us at 1968bulldogs@gmail.com and let us know whether you plan to attend the 50th Reunion in Panama.  See the posts on our class website, balboaclassof1968.com, immediately below this one (also on the website) for dates and estimated cost.  As noted, you can choose “claro que si” (yes) or “quiazas” (maybe) along with numbers in your party.  If you cannot make the reunion, a heads up will also be appreciated and noted.

As difficult as it might be to forecast your plans so far ahead, it is vital that we get an early and accurate tally in order to confirm (or cancel) events and venues.  Cos is of concern to all and may be a reason why some to delay in responding.  Please do your best to complete your decision-making and make a commitment to joining us for the fun.

And help us by reaching out to your closet Classmates and to those who may be unaware of this celebration.  The Class maintains a roster of your classmates but has email addresses for only about a third of them.  You can help!  Spread the word!

We hope/expect to hear from you shortly.

50th Reunion Committee - Panama