2 February 2016

2 February 2016

«ÉFeliz Año Nuevo a Todos los Bulldogs!

Several classmates in Panama and the U.S. are discussing the possibility of celebrating our 50th class reunion in Panama. The working time frame is late January - early February 2018 (26 - 27 January to 4 - 5 February).

With this initial notice we wish to gauge numbers and level of interest of our classmates – ranging from “Claro que sí” to “Quizás” to “No way, José”. Whether you reside overseas or in Panama, give us a clue!

At current rates, trips originating from the lower U.S. would total approx. $2,000 per person, including air fare, lodgings, transport, and some of the key events. Additional costs would be associated with special events, side trips, shopping, some meals, and etc. Locals will expected to pay-as-you-go.

Venues might include Panama City, a Pacific beach resort, Gamboa, and El Valle. Maybe squeeze in a ride on the Train, fish Gatun Lake, slide down Admin Hill, swim/surf at Rio Mar, play softball at Summit Gardens, down cold Panamas at BYC, eat our fill at the Napoli, walk the Causeway, watch the sun rise over the Pacific and other tropical delights best left to your imagination. Who knows; there may even be a new set of Canal locks to visit?! Sorry, we can’t promise the Squirt or the Monster Room, the Cocoli River bridge, the Slide, the Tivoli, Contractors Hill, Gloria’s, the Observatory, the Clubhouse and myriad memorials now gone.

By a lucky twist of fortune, we will enjoy a blue moon on the 31st of January (Wednesday). All the better to party with the Trolling 69ers, our headline party attraction!

Reply to 1968Bulldogs@gmail.com indicating level of interest and possible number in party. Bear in mind that this reunion is adult-themed and there are currently no provisions for under-age care or activities. If we move forward, a social media site (e.g. Facebook) will be created to share information and encourage participation.

And you thought it was tough sliding into 2016, try jumping back to the future! This is gonna be FUN.

P.S. No doubt the Class will throw a similar bash at the Panama Canal Reunion in Orlando in July 2018. Some may wish to attend both parties and others may choose only one. But we do hope that each of you will join the celebration(s) of your 50th as best suits your circumstances.