10 May 2016 Update

10 May 2016

’68 Bulldogs:

Your 50th Reunion in Panama is being organized by a small group of daring volunteers.  State-siders include Paul Boostrom, Bob Hughes and Lee Grant.  Locals include Brooke Alfaro, Maggie Cedeno, Nate Bassan and Mark Dillon.  Kurt Fernandez (and Bob Rupp) will be coordinating the 69ers shows.  The group may add other members adept at managing event details as plans are developed.

Our professional event organizer is Trina Clark, another Bulldog, and a wonderfully proficient advocate for visitors to Panama.

It’s best that you direct your responses, suggestions, inquiries, etc. to 1968bulldogs@gmail.com for ease of consolidation.  At this stage of arrangements, we are happy to consider your whims and wishes so please send them along for consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to messages, to spread the word, and to assist in the many arrangements that will be necessary.

All of your classmates look forward to seeing you at the Reunion in Panama!